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Create great visual impressions for your business needs

The first impression you make on a consumer is with your graphic imagery. It is seen on your business identity, on your marketing materials, and on the packaging for a product you promote. These visual images make an initial connection with a customer and keep them interested in what you are offering.

About the Artist

Specializing in fine line drawing, especially whimsical artwork and caricature. Creative hand lettering and type-related graphics also. Examples of work available for viewing at my online portfolio: www.behance.net/joeyofdrawing

Experienced in digitally creating designs for everything from product packaging to apparel item to print materials. From concept mockups to revisions to final printer-ready files. Design examples available at www.behance.net/joeyofdrawing

Most recently, have been able to offerthe graphic element of motion as an eye-catching and practical way of getting the attention you wish. Examples for viewing at www.behance.net/joeyofdrawing

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