P: 707-483-1567 | E: joey.of.art@gmail.com

P: 707-483-1567 | E: joey.of.art@gmail.com

P: 707-483-1567 | E: joey.of.art@gmail.comP: 707-483-1567 | E: joey.of.art@gmail.com

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The images showcased on your logo, website, printed materials or product packaging are there to draw attention. It is your opportunity to make an impression on a customer, client or consumer.  I offer my expertise in making the art that makes this connection, and on the art that maintains interest in what you are promoting.

About the Artist


In grade school I was known as the kid who could draw. Took this artistic aptitude and applied it to creating graphics used to visually communicate ideas and concepts. I specialize in fine line drawing, and especially enjoy cartooning and caricature. I also enjoy hand lettering type with distinctive styles and creating motion graphics.


After college, I became interested in incorporating my drawings into larger design concepts involving color, text and layout. For over 25 years I have been digitally creating commercial designs to be silk screened, off-set printed and to be interacted with online.

Along with the artistic ability and computer experience, I offer over two decades of workplace professionalism. I know how to work under deadlines, to communicate with a client to visualize a desired creative concept, and to interact with production departments to have it produced. References available upon request.

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